• CAD$49.95

    VUE Bridge is for the Right and the Left Handed PlayerThe bridge is assembled for the right handed player with the larger 13.5mm grommet opening, identified with the RAISED RIDGE, facing the player. To convert the bridge for left handed use remove the rubber grommet and install it in reverse so the low side of the bridge is to the left. 

  • CAD$39.95

    Keep your tip in perfect condition with the Mezz Professional Tip Tool. 4 Functions of this tool: 1. Flat Scuffer (Rough abrasive metal) 2. Flat Scuffer (Fine abrasive metal) 3. Round Shaper or Radius Shaper (Rough abrasive metal with 2 different sizes) 4. Gauge (3 different sizes)

  • CAD$39.95

    The Molinari gloves are now available in Canada. 

  • CAD$649.95

        REVO 12.4mm CARBON COMPOSITE SHAFT REVO 12.9mm CARBON COMPOSITE SHAFT The ultimate in billiards technology and performance. Made of carbon fiber composite, REVO 12.9mm shafts incorporate more than twenty years of technological innovation and testing. REVO shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, greatest radial...

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