• CAD$29.95

    Play it safe and comfortable with the Predator Billiard Facemask. Our mask features high filtering qualities thanks to 3 layers of polyurethane foam and high quality inner and outer lycra.  

  • CAD$14.95

    With the original Turtle Rack sheet, you can enjoy tight racks in 9-ball and 10-ball. Precisely engineered, it quickly and efficiently racks the balls making traditional racks inferior and more time consuming. Utilizing a 14 mm width and precisely cut positioning holes, the Turtle Rack will outlast its competitors and maintain its structure over time....

  • CAD$39.95

    The Molinari gloves are now available in Canada. 

  • CAD$2,729.95

    Only 100 Made, Individually Signed and Numbered Curly Maple Forearm and Ebony Butt Sleeve, Accompanied with White Turquoise and Malachite Rings Ebony Spears with White Turquoise Spear Tips, Micarta and Malachite Inlays, and Rose Gold Accent Dots Inlayed Panther Accented with Malachite Inlays on the Butt Sleeve Steel Radial® Joint

  • CAD$23.95

    The Mickal Hybrid cue Tips consist of three bottom layers of medium density leather and five top layers of Super soft density leather.  Which makes a tip with great feed back and plenty of control with great action on the cue ball.  If we would to create a perfect tip this tip would be damn close!  :) Thewinningstroke is the only distributor of the Hybrid...

  • CAD$12.95

    Here are our TWS masks due to our new reality because of the COVID-19.  Stay safe :)

  • CAD$998.95

    Predator Black BK Rush + Jump/Break Cue - Sport Wrap POWER AND CONVENIENCE; TOGETHER AT LAST. The BK Rush Plus jump break cue with sport wrap demonstrates true flexibility by harnessing the tactical prowess of two cues in one, with interchangeable forearm and handle. Only 600 will be made world wide!...


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