• CAD$39.95

    The Molinari gloves are now available in Canada. 

  • CAD$14.95

    With the original Turtle Rack sheet, you can enjoy tight racks in 9-ball and 10-ball. Precisely engineered, it quickly and efficiently racks the balls making traditional racks inferior and more time consuming. Utilizing a 14 mm width and precisely cut positioning holes, the Turtle Rack will outlast its competitors and maintain its structure over time....

  • CAD$569.95

    • Advanced carbon fiber composite construction• Super-Slim 15.5 inch elongated pro taper• Flyweight front-end construction• Effortless low-friction & ding-resistant surface finish PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. THANKS

  • CAD$21.95

    Taom PYRO Light Blue Cue Tip Chalk. Pyro chalk was developed for pool, pyramid and carom. A new technology is designed for heavier balls, found by pool pros, saying it´s the best chalk in the game. Tested and recommended by many professionals. Maximum grip with a clean touch on the ball. No residue. Piece measure 1 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick and is price...

  • CAD$194.95
  • CAD$769.95

    • Cynergy 15K carbon fiber composite shaft• A+ grade kiln dried Canadian Maple• True-Wood Walnut veneer• 3D stainless steel rings• Gloss black wrapless handle• Satin finish• Acueweight System• CT joint protectors• Cynergy cleaning wipes


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