• CAD$39.95

    The Molinari gloves are now available in Canada. 

  • CAD$14.95

    With the original Turtle Rack sheet, you can enjoy tight racks in 9-ball and 10-ball. Precisely engineered, it quickly and efficiently racks the balls making traditional racks inferior and more time consuming. Utilizing a 14 mm width and precisely cut positioning holes, the Turtle Rack will outlast its competitors and maintain its structure over time....

  • CAD$569.95

    • Advanced carbon fiber composite construction• Super-Slim 15.5 inch elongated pro taper• Flyweight front-end construction• Effortless low-friction & ding-resistant surface finish PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. THANKS

  • CAD$21.95

    Taom PYRO Light Blue Cue Tip Chalk. Pyro chalk was developed for pool, pyramid and carom. A new technology is designed for heavier balls, found by pool pros, saying it´s the best chalk in the game. Tested and recommended by many professionals. Maximum grip with a clean touch on the ball. No residue. Piece measure 1 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick and is price...

  • CAD$769.95

    This is a wrap-less break cue shows off sleek Cuetec Breach logo on the forearm and comes with matching branded joint protectors. The CT945 Breach Break is weight changeable so you can test what works best for your stroke between a lighter 18oz and heavier 21oz based on your preference.

  • CAD$44.95

    Need a little more length?  You can get two and stack them or go with the Cue-Max 1.5 inch version.

  • CAD$1,299.95

    The people’s champion. Featuring Predator’s championship winning C4+ butt construction and the ground breaking REVOcarbon fiber composite shaft, every limited production SP REVO cue was designed and developed to give your game the upper hand on the competition.

  • CAD$194.95

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