• CAD$39.95

    The Molinari gloves are now available in Canada. 

  • CAD$899.95

    REVO BK-R Carbon Fiber Composite Shaft Uni-Loc® Steel-Lite Pin Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System Five-zone Sport2 Grip REVO soft bag REVO Wipes (x5) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  

  • CAD$19.95

    Here are the New Heavy Duty Thewinningstroke plastic Triangle with a Lifetime Waranty!

  • CAD$37.95

    Kamui ROKU blue chalk is a much-awaited technologically advanced pool cue chalk is finally here. Imagine having the ability of the KAMUI Chalk.98B or 1.21B but without the mess on the cue ball. And without the mess on the felt. NO MORE SKIDDING. Chalk is in a hexagon shape and each piece is hand made.

  • CAD$14.95

    With the original Turtle Rack sheet, you can enjoy tight racks in 9-ball and 10-ball. Precisely engineered, it quickly and efficiently racks the balls making traditional racks inferior and more time consuming. Utilizing a 14 mm width and precisely cut positioning holes, the Turtle Rack will outlast its competitors and maintain its structure over time....

  • CAD$7.95

    Molinari chalk as round as the leather itself. Top quality adhesion, grip and ball control.

  • CAD$599.95

    • Advanced carbon fiber composite construction• Super-Slim 15.5 inch elongated pro taper• Flyweight front-end construction• Effortless low-friction & ding-resistant surface finish PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. THANKS

  • CAD$21.95

    Taom PYRO Light Blue Cue Tip Chalk. Pyro chalk was developed for pool, pyramid and carom. A new technology is designed for heavier balls, found by pool pros, saying it´s the best chalk in the game. Tested and recommended by many professionals. Maximum grip with a clean touch on the ball. No residue. Piece measure 1 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick and is price...

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