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  • CAD$25.00

    Here is the perfect gift for any pool player!  If you want another amount than the amounts shown, please contact us. Thanks All shipping charges concernng gift certificate will be refunded back to you!

  • CAD$7.95

    The Chem-Pak Q Cloth eliminates abrasive cleaning and sanding of the cue. This cloth helps keep the cue clean and free of harmful dirt and oils. It also cleans and shines wood, glass and Formica.

  • CAD$6.95

    This 1/4 oz liquid bottle was developed to protect and condition shafts, no more shaft wear from sandpaper, no more messy powders,one application will leave shaft like new and will leave no stains. 

  • CAD$9.95

    This new fast acting formula from the makers of the wildly popular Cue Silk will have your shaft looking like new in no time flat. Just sprinkle this dry formula on, wipe it down with a clean towel and repeat. The results are a nice, smooth clean shaft that looks great and glides through your bridge. Same thing as Q-Clean but less expensive. 

  • CAD$9.95

    The original Q Wax is specifally formulated with the finest carnauba wax to give your cue the ultimate in protection.

  • CAD$15.95

    Do you ever get tired of using messy shaft cleaners that never seem to work? Do your cue shafts have residue from other cleaners or build-up from regular use? Well you are in luck. Longoni Cue Wax is a mess free way to clean your shaft, allowing for your cues natural beauty to shine without residue or gunky build-up.

  • CAD$19.95

    Predator's Deluxe Billiard Towel with its 100 percent cotton provides a great cleaning surface. It is a convenient way of drying your hands and shaft while you play and can easily be attached to your case. Predator Logo Towel Features: 100 percent Cotton Black Grommet & Hook 3.5"W x 12"L Size

  • CAD$8.95

    QWiz- Qwiz shaft conditioning pad is a great product for smoothing and polishing your pool cue shafts.

  • CAD$9.95

    This is a cube of solid powder which is easy to carry around and is very useful when you have sticky hands or playing in humid conditions.  

  • CAD$11.95

    Washable reusable shaft conditioning system for smoothing shaft.

  • CAD$8.25

    The purpose of the LEDR burnisher is to smooth and seal the wood on your shaft. More you burnish better the finish and better the finish slicker and more moisture resistant your shaft becomes, because moisture causes the grain to raise and your shaft to warp.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items