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  • CAD$59.95

    The Extreme Cue Extender is sure to give you the extra reach you need. To use, simply slip the cue extender over the butt of the cue. This cue extender expands to 17.5" and contracts to 12.5" for easy storage in a cue case pocket.

  • CAD$109.95

    BETTER POSITION IS WITHIN YOUR REACH. The new QR Extension from Predator pairs with any Predator Cue equipped with the Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System.Once installed the quick releasing extension adds an additional 8 inches of butt length with a single turn of the extension handle. 

  • CAD$34.95

    The Cue Reach is an extension tool for cues that are not long enough to reach certain areas on the playing table. Very easy to use just simply slide your cue into the tube, tip first all the way down until the butt is snug. Holds cue in tightly and has a plastic grip handle to help you with your stroke and cue ball control.

  • CAD$49.95

    Balance Rite™ Forward Weighting Cue ExtensionThe Balance Right Forward Weighting System instantly extends the length of your cue by 3 3/4" and is fully removable. Just screw this little baby in between your cue butt and shaft and go. No guesswork, and no clumsy, bulky tools to get in the way.

  • CAD$25.00

    Here is the perfect gift for any pool player!  If you want another amount than the amounts shown, please contact us. Thanks All shipping charges concernng gift certificate will be refunded back to you!

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items