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  • CAD$60.95

    The propitiatory extension for the Mezz Airdrive II. The reduction of the angle when attempting a long jump shot as well as increased control and distance of the long jump shot is achieved due to the increased length of the cue by 100 mm (3.9 in).

  • CAD$550.95

    The revamped Mezz Airdrive II was designed for superior balance, accuracy, control and consistency fo more confidence in every jump.  This jump cue features the ADII carbon shaft combined with a mini wavy joint for quick assembly yet maintaining a tight fit to help the jump cue, the player and the cue ball work together in harmony.  Put the highest level...

  • CAD$999.95

    The highly advanced Power Break G break cue is a combination of the Ignite G carbon fiber break shaft technology and the re-designed break-balanced tapered composite butt technology. This ultimate collaboration channels all the energy from your break shot straight to the cue ball, giving maximum power and optimum forgiveness for an explosive break.

  • CAD$25.00

    Here is the perfect gift for any pool player!  If you want another amount than the amounts shown, please contact us. Thanks All shipping charges concernng gift certificate will be refunded back to you!

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items