Hybrid Mickal Cues play tip

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The Mickal Hybrid cue Tips consist of three bottom layers of medium density leather and five top layers of Super soft density leather.  Which makes a tip with great feed back and plenty of control with great action on the cue ball.  If we would to create a perfect tip this tip would be damn close!  :)

Thewinningstroke is the only distributor of the Hybrid Mickal Cues tip in Canada!

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New Release Mickal Cues Hybrid tips are 8 layered 14mm cue tips constructed from Premium Grade Japanese Pig Skin.  Japanese Pig Skin is the best leather used for constructing High Quality 8 layered cue tips.  The leather fibers and pores from this leather absorb and hold chalk extremely well.  The tip plays exceptionally well with noticeably lively action.   These tips offer excellent Cue ball control, better chalk absorption, and Extreme "English."